A conversation with other creatives on starting out in their respective industries.  The show is dedicated to new and struggling artist, with the goal of highlighting common struggles and how to combat them.

Season 2

Augustine Paredes | On love, loss and longing

Augustine Paredes is a Filipino artist and photographer based in Dubai. Augustine’s lyrical, contemporary, and sensuous visual narratives are derived from his many-storied travels, South East Asian consciousness, and queer gaze.  He has been exhibited in the Philippines, Malaysia, Latvia, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. 


Reem Edan | On setting deadlines

Reem Edan is an Iraqi-American comedian, writer, actress, and digital content creator known for her unique brand of “Muslim-ennial” humor. She has performed at venues and colleges across the US, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East, and opened for comics including Iliza Schlesinger and Arsenio Hall.


Norrel Blair | On Visual Identity

Norrel Blair is a queer photographer based in Los Angeles, USA. 


Arvin Tsai | On Sustained Practice

Arvin Tsai is a painter and visual communicator based in the UK.


Brendon Hansford | On Mindset Training

Brendon is one of the world's leading Choreographers and Movement Directors and is fast-growing an incredible reputation as a Director who specializes in dance and movement for the camera. He regularly works as both on the same job! He has been hired to do by artists such as Sam Smith, David Guetta, Rod Stewart, Normani, and Rick Astley.


Season 1

Erin Doescher  | Final year of art school through COVID-19 

Erin Doescher is a Painter and Ceramic Artist from New York. Watch as we discuss how she went through her final year of art school during Covid-19 lockdowns and more! 


J. Carino | Building your community

J. Carino is the pseudonym of a California-based figurative artist working in a variety of mixed-media. Watch as we discuss the work he makes right now, the balancing act of keeping his professional work separate from his new body of work, and the importance of building a community!


PowerGlitch87 | Artmaking while living with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dee Jade or PowerGlitch87 is a photographer, content creator, cosplayer, musician, model, drag performer, and s*x worker. In this episode they get very frank about finding success on myspace at 13, what it's like for them to work with other artists, and what it's like to create content while balancing the multiple personalities (alters) that share the same body.

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